The centres we operate for playing, working and socialising are increasingly more energy efficient, low-emission, sustainably sourced and recycling-oriented places.


Of waste generated was recycled, with 100 per cent diverted from landfill


Food and drink wastage as a percentage of revenue


Of our electricity generated from onsite renewables


Of directly purchased electricity in the UK from renewable sources


Of UK centres with solar arrays installed


Of the UK estate using energy efficient Pins on Strings technology


UK Intensity ratio Scope 1 and 2 emissions

Supports strategic objectives

Actively refurbishing our assets

Development of new centres and acquisitions

Leveraging our indoor leisure experience

Our strategy

Creating value for






Partners and suppliers

Our business model

Helps mitigate principal risks


Climate change

Contributing towards the SDGs


Climate change and net zero

The Group is dedicated to achieving net zero by 2050 in the UK and Canada, to align with the climate change net zero target year commitments made by both of these countries.

We plan to reach this goal by reducing GHG emissions through our new centre design and refurbishment programmes, enhancing energy efficiency in our operations, continuing to transition to self-generated and renewable energy sources, and collaborating with our supply chain partners to reduce GHG emissions in their operations.


Energy efficiency

Our strategy for reducing the environmental impact of our business focuses on increasing on-site generation of renewable electricity and improving energy efficiency. To reduce our usage, we are:

  • driving behaviour change within our teams;
  • rolling out energy efficient air handling systems; and
  • installing more solar panels on centre roofs.

In FY2023, we installed solar panels in five more UK centres, with 38 per cent of our centres now generating 4,923 kWp of solar and generating 5,518,817 kWh per year. 12 per cent of our electricity used was generated from our own renewable sources (FY2022: 8.2 per cent). 83.1 per cent of our bowling centres are now using energy efficient Pins on Strings technology (FY2022: 65 per cent).


Waste management and recycling

We continue to improve waste reduction and recycling through behavioural change incentives including aligning waste management to team members’ bonus allocations. Over time we have increased the percentage of waste recycled, in the centres where we control waste, from 67.3 per cent in FY2019 to 82.7 per cent in FY2023 with 100 per cent of this diverted from landfill.

Overall we have also reduced the amount of waste produced, and this year we have a calculated our waste ‘intensity’ as the total amount of waste per number of centres, which has fallen by 22 per cent since FY2017.

We have a good track record in reducing food and drink wastage, targeting less than 1 per cent food and drink waste as a percentage of revenue. In FY2023 we were pleased to achieve 0.65 per cent, highlighting our progress.