We focus on developing and training our team members, supporting their wellbeing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive Company culture in which they can thrive.

Supports strategic objectives

Driving like-for-like revenue growth

Focusing on our people

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Helps mitigate principal risks

Employee retention


Contributing towards the SDGs


Talent attraction and retention

Our aim has always been to build a business with people at its heart and provide an outstanding workplace where all team members feel included, valued and nurtured.

In addition to providing fair pay to all our team members, we also offer benefits such as free activities and discounted food and drink when they visit our centres with their friends and family.


engagements over FY2021 using our employee engagement app, Fourth Engage


Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture and a welcoming and diverse workplace where differences are valued and no one experiences discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, ethnicity, religious belief, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age or disability. 

We have identified focus areas for improving our diversity including addressing why women are still under-represented in senior roles.


longer term target for female representation on the Board


Training and development

Every Hollywood Bowl career now begins with our virtual induction and training in our ways of working, ensuring all team members are supported to provide the best experience for our customers. 

Senior managers are offered a place on our i2i programme which we’ve been running since September 2019. This flagship 12-month intensive development course gives participants greater insight into how people work, and helps to accelerate their professional and personal potential.


of management vacancies were filled internally during FY 2021


Team wellbeing

The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of work-life balance and having flexibility in the workplace. We are committed to providing training and support to our people to promote wellbeing and manage workplace stress. Not only is it our duty to protect team members, but it also helps us attract and retain talent as people look for greater support and understanding from their employer.


employees in the hospitality and leisure sector experience work-related mental health issues