A leading international ten-pin bowling operator

Hollywood Bowl Group is the world's second largest ten-pin bowling operator. We have 73 bowling and 5 mini-golf centres, each equipped with an average of 24 bowling lanes or three, nine hole mini-golf courses, a licensed bar, a diner and an amusements zone featuring the latest games designed to keep everyone entertained.

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Our core ten-pin bowling brand, with centres typically situated in prime locations on leisure or retail parks.



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The complete entertainment experience

The Group operates  ten-pin bowling lanes in high-quality centres located nationwide in the UK


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FY2022 revenue mix

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Ten-pin bowling is part of the UK’s diverse ‘out-of-home’ leisure sector. Its popularity is based around offering an inclusive, fun, affordable and sociable experience for friends, families or work colleagues, appealing to a broad range of consumers.

Hollywood Bowl is the market leader in the UK and is our most recognised brand. We specialise in operating large, high-quality bowling centres which are predominantly located in prime ‘out-of-town’ multi-use leisure parks alongside cinemas and casual dining sites.

We completed the rebranding of the remaining two AMF Bowling centres to the Hollywood Bowl brand during FY2023.

Our customer experience programmes provide valuable insights into our customers’ preferences, by digitally capturing satisfaction levels following each visit. As well as understanding what our customers want and value, we monitor our customer satisfaction and net promoter scores carefully, and are always ready to react quickly to any operational issue or respond to customer feedback.

Our team members are key to delivering on our purpose and our sales and service ambitions. Our in-house development and training programmes attract, retain and nurture top talent. Our centre teams are rewarded for displaying our cultural behaviours through our coveted pin badge scheme and financially incentivised based on customer feedback, recycling targets and financial performance.

Alongside bowling, our food, drink and amusements offerings give our customers a complete entertainment experience, provide more reasons to visit and increase dwell time and secondary spend.

We continue to enhance the bar and diner experience for our customer. The reduced menu, which was introduced in response to COVID-19 operating restrictions, has seen some evolution but continues to deliver strong quality and speed of service scores.

Amusements remains an area where innovation and new product development is key and we work closely with our key partner Namco and our in-centre games keeper teams to drive further revenues from our family focused offering in addition to expanding the footprint of our amusement areas in high lineage centres through reconfiguration as part of our centre refurbishment programme.

We continued to evolve and increase our investment in a wide range of digital solutions and marketing activities to enhance many stages of the Hollywood Bowl experience and customer journey.

These included the estate wide rollout of a new scoring system which is integrated with our CRM programmes, a new customer data platform (which enables increased quality of engagement with our contactable database) and enhancements to our mobile focused booking platform and infrastructure and in-centre food and drink ordering system. We also continued the rollout of digital leaderboards and bar and reception screens as an integral part of our refurbishments.

Our targeted customer awareness, acquisition and retention programmes use automated digital technology to engage prospects and customers before and after their centre visits through numerous social and digital media channels.

Digital channels remain a key strategic focus area and are an increasing source of revenue (accounting for 63 per cent of bowling revenue in FY2021), enhancement to the wider customer experience and increased brand engagement.


Puttstars is our emerging indoor mini-golf brand, which opened its first centre in 2020.



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On the right course

The Puttstars brand brings our passion for delivering affordable fun and safe, healthy competition to the indoor mini-golf market.


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average spend per round


customers highly satisfied or satisfied


investment in new Peterborough centre


Leveraging our indoor leisure experience, we have opened five Puttstars mini-golf trial centres since 2020, with the most recent opened in November 2022 in Peterborough.

As with bowling, mini-golf appeals to a broad range of consumers. The market remains highly fragmented with more than 1,000 indoor and outdoor locations in the UK, where the vast majority are managed by independent operators.

Each centre offers a diverse entertainment experience, including three nine-hole courses, bar, diner and amusement areas.

Technology and digital channels form an integral part of the Puttstars customer journey and its marketing approach. We have adopted a bespoke digital-scoring system, replacing the traditional paper and pencil scorecard.

Our in-centre screen installations provide centre-wide leader board information, promoting friendly competition and heightened customer participation, which in turn leads to increased dwell time and ancillary spend on food and drink.

Since launching in FY2020, we have been pleased with the excellent customer satisfaction levels being achieved, but we continue to look for opportunities to evolve the Puttstars brand and customer proposition through insights gained from customer and team member feedback.

We have made enhancements to our existing centre environments, as well as developing our brand framework and improving the customer proposition.

Our new Peterborough centre, which opened in November 2022, incorporates learnings from a major customer research project which informed some changes to the centre’s environment.

We remain committed to the Puttstars concept and we continue to test and learn from operating our trial sites.

Our rollout plan in prime locations will continue for Puttstars, albeit at a slower pace. Alongside this we are evaluating adding mini-golf courses to Hollywood Bowl centres as a fourth offer, where space allows.

As we have historically done, we will continue to prioritise opening new Hollywood Bowl centres over mini-golf centres where the space and configuration of a unit allows.

The market opportunity for indoor mini-golf remains strong and with more flexible space requirements than bowling, we believe there is scope to open a further 10-15 centres in the UK over the coming years, as the proposition and Puttstars brand become more established in the local markets they operate in.


Splitsville is our first overseas bowling brand, with nine centres situated in prime locations across Canada.



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Canada’s Premier Chain of Family Entertainment Centres

Combining state-of-the-art 10 pin bowling, high-quality casual dining, arcades, laser tag, and other entertainment options to make your visit a one-of-a-kind experience


centres currently operated under the Splitsville brand


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Hollywood Bowl Group is the UK’s largest ten-pin bowling operator. We have 65 bowling and five mini-golf centres, each equipped with an average of 24 bowling lanes or two/ three nine-hole mini-golf courses, a licensed bar, a diner and an amusements zone featuring the latest games designed to keep everyone entertained. Puttstars is our emerging indoor mini-golf brand, which opened its first centre in 2020.


Our first overseas bowling brand, with nine centres situated in prime locations across Canada.