A leading international ten-pin bowling operator

Hollywood Bowl Group is the world's second largest ten-pin bowling operator and the largest operator in the UK and Canadian markets. We have 79 bowling and 4 mini-golf centres, each equipped with an average of 24 bowling lanes or three, nine hole mini-golf courses, a licensed bar, a diner and an amusements zone featuring the latest games designed to keep everyone entertained.

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Our UK ten-pin bowling brand, with centres typically offering 24 bowling lanes, situated in prime locations on leisure or retail parks.



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The complete entertainment experience

The Group operates  ten-pin bowling lanes in high-quality centres located nationwide in the UK


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Expansionary capital in FY2023


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FY2023 revenue mix

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Ten-pin bowling is part of the UK’s diverse ‘out-of-home’ leisure sector. Its popularity is based around offering an inclusive, fun, affordable and sociable experience for friends, families or work colleagues, appealing to a broad range of consumers.

Hollywood Bowl is the market leader in the UK and is our most recognised brand. We specialise in operating large, high-quality bowling centres which are predominantly located in prime ‘out-of-town’ multi-use leisure parks alongside cinemas and casual dining sites.

We believe that customer service is a true point of differentiation in a competitive leisure market. We focus on four critical customer satisfaction drivers: value for money, cleanliness, team friendliness and service speed.

Our customer experience programmes provide valuable insights into our customers’ preferences, by digitally capturing satisfaction levels following each visit. As well as understanding what our customers want and value, we monitor our customer satisfaction and net promoter scores carefully and are always ready to react quickly to any operational issue or respond to customer feedback.

Team members’ bonuses are linked to the customer satisfaction drivers, improving centre performance, revenues and yields.

Our team members are key to delivering on our purpose and our sales and service ambitions. Our in-house development and training programmes attract, retain and nurture top talent. Our centre teams are rewarded for displaying our cultural behaviours through our coveted pin badge scheme and financially incentivised based on customer feedback, recycling targets and financial performance.

Alongside bowling, we offer food, drink and amusements. By offering a complete entertainment experience, we give customers more reasons to visit, increase dwell time and secondary spend.

We offer excellent value and speed of service when it comes to food and drink. Our popular and simplified at lane menu offers good quality snacks and sharer options, alongside at lane drink ordering.

The family-friendly games and amusements areas are constantly evolving with innovations and new product development. A rolling centre refurbishment programme allows us to improve the space optimisation of our amusements offering, as well as improve the quality of our machines. The majority of our amusements can be played for as little as £1. Nayax ‘tap to play’ provides the option of digital coin credit as well as cash payments.

When refurbishing centres, we also consider reconfiguring floor areas to maximise revenue and centre yields. For example, we introduced mini-golf in our Hollywood Bowl Leeds centre resulting in an enhanced customer experience and more reasons to stay with us for longer.

Our investment in technology continues to enhance the digital customer journey from pre-booking to in-centre experience to post-booking communications. We have evolved our digital brand and content, social media activity, sales activation and CRM campaigns, which has resulted in an increase in website visits and sales, with online bookings now accounting for 60 per cent of bowling revenue.

We drive yields through dynamic pricing and targeted digital sales and marketing. We increase engagement and dwell time in our centres with digital content like our hugely popular live leaderboards, and we vary-in-centre content during the day to target specific customers. For example, daytime content is more family focused compared to evenings.

In FY2024 we will be launching our new in-house developed booking system which we are creating to meet the needs of our increasingly larger and more diverse business. Our investment in this modern and flexible technology platform is significant, supporting the future development and growth of the Group.


Our mini-golf brand with centres offering mini-golf courses, situated in locations on leisure or retail parks.



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On the right course

Our mini-golf brand with centres offering mini-golf courses, situated in locations on leisure or retail parks.


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Rounds played (FY2022: 490k)


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Spend per round (FY2022: £8.27)


We operate five Puttstars indoor mini-golf centres that appeal to a broad range of consumers. The market remains highly fragmented with more than 1,000 indoor and outdoor locations in the UK, where independent operators manage the vast majority.

Each of our Puttstars centres offers a diverse entertainment experience, including nine-hole courses, bar, diner, and amusements area.

Technology and digital channels form an integral part of the Puttstars customer journey and marketing approach. We have a bespoke digital scoring system and our in-centre screen installations provide centre-wide leaderboard information, promoting friendly competition and heightened customer participation.

Evolving the brand experience Our newest centre at the Queensgate Shopping Centre, Peterborough, opened in November 2022 and incorporated several enhancements following some extensive customer research.

These included greater variation in course difficulty, for example the introduction of larger holes and club heads for junior players and more defined course designs.

We also introduced a new mobile-based scoring system, an upgraded website and an updated brand communication framework and new logo for the centres.

The enhancements from Peterborough have been adapted and introduced into the other four Puttstars locations.

In addition to the upgraded mini-golf proposition first seen in Peterborough, we have further evolved the Puttstars customer offer (and optimised the space returns) by extending the amusements area in Harrow and adding duck-pin bowling lanes in Leeds, to look to enhance the revenues and customer experience.

Whilst bowling centres remain the Group’s first choice when entering new locations due to their heightened returns, the market opportunity for indoor mini-golf remains strong.

We have introduced a mini-golf course into our Hollywood Bowl centre in Leeds and plan to include two courses in our new Hollywood Bowl centre in Colchester which will open in FY2024.

We are also considering adding mini-golf as an additional offer in other centres where space configuration allows.


Our Canadian ten-pin bowling brand with centres typically offering 29 bowling lanes, located in standalone locations or co-located with retail or leisure units.



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Canada’s Premier Chain of Family Entertainment Centres

Combining state-of-the-art 10 pin bowling, high-quality casual dining, arcades, laser tag, and other entertainment options to make your visit a one-of-a-kind experience


Bowling lanes


Splitsville is now the largest branded ten-pin bowling operator in Canada


Large-format centres in highly populated locations


Increase in LFL revenue


Refurbishment capital in FY2023


New centres added in FY2023


Target Splitsville centre estate size by 2035


Splitsville is made up of nine large family entertainment centres (at the end of FY2023) spread across the country, with six centres in Ontario, two in British Columbia and three in Alberta. All the centres have ten-pin bowling lanes, a large bar and diner and an amusements area, with some offering American pool, laser tag and indoor mini-golf.

In February 2023, the Group acquired three centres in Calgary, Alberta, providing a strategic location between Ontario and British Columbia. These centres are all leasehold properties and established businesses and, having been relaunched in their markets under the Splitsville brand, provide the Group with a foundation for further growth in this key market.

Post FY2023 year end, the Group has completed two acquisitions, one in Ontario and the other in British Columbia. Both have been relaunched in their markets under the Splitsville brand, taking the estate to 11 centres as at 16 December 2023..

Our refurbishment programme has begun with Richmond Hill completed during the year and Kingston due to complete in FY2024. We also have two further refurbishments planned for FY2024. The renovations are introducing many features already established in the UK.

The refurbishment concepts are backed by extensive customer-research, which affirmed that the Canadian market is ready for an upgraded, branded, familyfriendly leisure proposition similar to Hollywood Bowl’s UK customer-orientated operating model.

The performance of Richmond Hill is testament to this strategy, which has exceeded revenue and profitability expectations since being refurbished and relaunching under the Splitsville brand.

We are enhancing our technology and digital marketing to improve the online customer journey and have introduced a refreshed brand communications framework and new logo.

We are also putting the structural foundations in place to support a fast-growing business, including a new senior leadership team, and upskilling the Centre Managers to drive revenues and yields.

With over 190 single-owned or multi-site group-owned bowling centres across Canada, the Group has a healthy development and acquisition pipeline.

The opportunity for consolidation in the market is significant and through the growth of the estate in FY2023, Splitsville is already the largest branded ten-pin bowling operator in the country.

We are currently on site at one new build in Ontario and negotiating on several other new build sites. All acquisitions and developments are subject to the same return on investment hurdle rate.

Our Striker Bowling Solutions operation continues to support the industry as a supplier and installer of bowling equipment, as well as supporting our own expansion requirements.

Its established national network is providing us with access to a large section of the Canadian market and an unmatched insight into the changes that are taking place in the industry.

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Hollywood Bowl Group is the UK’s largest ten-pin bowling operator. We have 68 bowling and four mini-golf centres, each equipped with an average of 24 bowling lanes or two/ three nine-hole mini-golf courses, a licensed bar, a diner and an amusements zone featuring the latest games designed to keep everyone entertained. Puttstars is our emerging indoor mini-golf brand, which opened its first centre in 2020.


Our first overseas bowling brand, with eleven centres situated in prime locations across Canada.