Our evolving approach to sustainability

Our business is inherently people focused and has social aims and social responsibility at its heart, but we also know it is vital to consider our impact on the environment and climate change, as well as to ensure that our governance approach is ethical and robust.

Evolving our strategy

We have developed our three-pillar strategy through collaboration with internal stakeholders, interviews, research and a comprehensive review of our material ESG issues.

Our ESG strategy

Our purpose

Bringing families and friends together for affordable fun and safe, healthy competition.


Safe and inclusive leisure destinations

We bring friends and families together in our welcoming centres where we prioritise health and safety, a responsible approach to eating and drinking, accessibility to all, and positive local community relations.
Sustainable Development Goals
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Outstanding workplaces

We focus on developing and training our team members, supporting their wellbeing and maintaining a diverse and inclusive Company culture in which they can thrive.
Sustainable Development Goals
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Sustainable centres

The centres we operate for playing, working and socialising are increasingly more energy efficient, low-emission, sustainably sourced and recycling-oriented places.
Sustainable Development Goals
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Underpinned by a dynamic Group culture, robust Board governance of ESG and progressive relationships with suppliers and partners.

Looking forward

Over the next year we will continue to use the SDGs, and the targets and indicators that sit under the goals, to guide us as we further develop the measurement, structures and plans that will support our ESG strategy.


Our materiality matrix shows our highest priority ESG issues, their significance to stakeholders and their impact on our business. The pillars are based on this materiality assessment and the materiality matrix below which captures the output of this process.

Materiality matrix