An unrelenting focus on delivering the best experiences

What sets us apart

Successful brands

We operate a portfolio of bowling and mini-golf centres across the UK under our flagship ‘Hollywood Bowl’ brand, ‘AMF Bowling’ and our emerging ‘Puttstars’ brand.

High-quality estate

Our centres are predominantly in prime locations, in out of town multi-use leisure and retail parks, alongside cinema and casual dining sites.

Motivated and engaged teams

Our teams are the face of our business and are focused on delivering the best brand experience for our customers.

Landlord relationships

Excellent relationships with developers and landlords ensure that we maintain a strong pipeline of potential new sites.

Strong balance sheet

By driving revenues, continuing to achieve healthy margins and maintaining a strong balance sheet with low net debt, we are able to invest appropriately in all areas of our business and create value for our stakeholders.

What we do

Our centres offer a complete entertainment experience for customers of all ages. Alongside our core offer of bowling or mini-golf, they can also enjoy amusements and food and drink which enhances their visit and also increases reasons to visit, dwell time and secondary spend.

Multiple revenue streams

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Where we invest

Customer experience

Safe and secure environments

Technology to enhance the wider customer journey

Centre maintenance and upgrades

Centre refurbishments and reconfigurations

Customer insight programme


New centre developments

Broadening the appeal to new and existing customers through marketing programmes and market expansion


Evaluating new markets


A fair deal for our team members

Extensive training and development

Team engagement and wellbeing programmes

Value creation 

Our customers

We strive to deliver exceptional service, in unique, contemporary, safe and exciting environments at a highly accessible price point.

Our people

Our team members are highly focused on commercial and satisfaction measures to ensure our customers enjoy the best possible experience. Management programmes are in place to attract, retain and nurture top talent.

Our partners

We support a wide ecosystem of partners and suppliers through commercial arrangements designed to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Our communities

The inclusive nature of bowling and mini-golf makes them an important contributor to social wellbeing. We offer subsidised access for concessionary users and educational groups.

Our investors

We are focused on sustainable, profitable growth by driving revenues and managing our margins and cash position to provide attractive returns.

Our ESG strategy

1 - Safe and inclusive leisure destinations

2 - Outstanding workplaces

3 - Sustainable centres